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Ocean Eyes

Stephanie Says
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girl Stephy. 20. SWFL. C/O 2006. Shy. Nerd. Brown eyes & hair. Believes in faeries. Loves art. Misses home.
audio modest mouse. the pixies. the beatles. incubus. radiohead. nine inch nails. the velvet underground. pj harvey. the postal service. neutral milk hotel. pedro the lion. the shins. simon and garfunkel. the unicorns. q and not u. aphex twin. the prodigy. violent femmes. tenacious d.
video pulp fiction. kill bill. requiem for a dream. pi. breakfast at tiffanys. my fair lady. a clockwork orange. forrest gump. gummo. edward scissor hands. whats eating gilbert grape. amelie. garden state. wicker park. sin city. kung fu hustle. trainspotting.
loves art. sushi. bright colors. graphic design. web design. fantasy. urban cities. music. books. the internet (sadly). sewing. crocheting. being crafty. friends.
hates florida. snoops. meanies. homework.
small bio Just living one day at a time.

Feel free to contact me, if you like.
AIM: littlejetplanes
E-mail & MSN: steph@stephsays.com
Thanks, Molly.

And this is what I want for my birthday. ♥

Zombies are love <3

i&apos;m in gryffindor!

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